Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Costco Connection: August 2017

It's the first of the month, and you know what that means... the latest issue of The Costco Connection is here!

Check out my highlights below then read the full August 2017 Costco Connection issue for even more content!

pg 15 Peter Greenberg: Secret Jamaica
Discover six lesser known hidden gems outside of your resort in Jamaica!

pg 24 Tribute to Teachers

Enjoy touching tales of teachers who made a life long impact on some of their students in this months feature article.

pg 45 & 94 "Everything You Need to Ace" Big Fat Notebook series!!!

Learn about The Big Fat Notebook series and how they can help your middle schooler with subjects like World History, American History, Math, Science and English language, then head to your local warehouse where each book is just $8.99, or 40% LESS than the retail price! (The Costco price is even 25% LESS than the Target price too!)

pg 61 & 66 K. Bell Socks

Find out how the colorful & whimsical K.Bell socks began then pick some up for yourself and your kids at your local warehouse!

pg 68 Sliders Recipes
Check out three mouthwatering recipes for sliders from cook & recipe developer Jonathan Melendez.

pg 73 Mochi!
Learn about the history of Mochi ice cream and several ways to serve this delectable frozen treat.

pg 75 PB&J
Nothing screams back to school like PB&J sandwiches! Stock up on Kirkland Signature Organic Crunchy Peanut Butter, or KS Creamy Almond Butter - which is made in a 100% NUT FREE facility!) and KS Organic Strawberry Spread to make this classic all American lunch staple.

pg 88-89 Prepare yourself for Autumn Allergies!

A change in season is just around the corner, if you or a family member suffers from allergies be prepared with KS products that can prevent and treat seasonal allergy symptoms.

pg 108-109 New Items This Month!
Costco has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to seasonal attire and holidays so it's no surprise the flannel shirts and even Halloween costumes are already popping up in warehouses this month! 

pg 113 knights collegiate apparel special events

Check out the special events page on costco.com to see if & when Knights Apparel will bring licensed collegiate apparel to a warehouse near you. You can also see what special events are coming to your local warehouse in the Costco app!

pg 113 Kirkland Signature Baguettes
Find out what one of the most important ingredients is in KS scrumptious baguettes then head to your local warehouse to pick up a 2-pack for just $4.99!

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