Monday, August 7, 2017

Save on Grade School Workbooks at Costco!

Summer workbooks don't have to be just for summer, they are perfect for tutoring, enrichment and homeschooling!

At Costco, the popular Brain Quest Workbooks (item #636043) are just $7.99 each which is 38% LESS than the retail price at Target! Available in Preschool (aged 4-5), Kindergarten (ages 5-6), 1st Grade (ages 6-7), 2nd Grade (ages 7-8), 3rd Grade (ages 8-9), 4th Grade (ages 9-10), 5th Grade (ages 10-11) and 6th Grade (ages 11-12). Each workbook aligns with National Common Core Standards.

Target Price is $12.95 per book:

Summer Brain Quest Workbooks (item #1156012), $7.99 each, are specifically tailored for students between grades - for example if your child just completed Kindergarten and is going into 1st Grade in the Fall there is a K & 1st Grade workbook. If your child just completed 1st Grade and is preparing to enter 2nd Grade in the Fall there is a 1st & 2nd Grade workbook, and so on. Each workbook aligns with Common Core State Standards.

Summer Link Workbooks (item #578018), $15.99 each, promotes math and reading skills for elementary school aged children, sharpening the skills they learned in the previous year to prepare them for the coming school year. Summer Link Workbooks even come with recommended summer reading lists. Each workbook supports current state standards.

Adventures in Learning workbooks (item # 1169932), $7.99 each, have creative activities that help children learn math, language arts and use their imaginations.  Each workbook supports current state standards.

Scholastic Success Workbooks (item #774450), $7.49 each, are tailored to help kids with phonics, handwriting, grammar and maps in addition to the usual math and reading skills.

Costco even has an assortment of workbooks aimed at helping children hone their penmanship. Get Ready for School Books (item #1127381) are $7.99 each and available in three different versions to suit your childs' skill level. Each book comes with a dry-erase marker and wipe off practice space.
Get Ready for School Handwriting is geared for K - 2nd Graders: 

Get Ready for School Writing Skills is geared for 1st -3rd Graders:

Get Ready for School Cursive is geared for 2nd - 4th Graders (a bonus because I hear many schools have dropped cursive writing from their curriculum!):

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