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Plan Your Super Bowl LI Party with Costco!

Throwing a party this Sunday for Super Bowl LI? Let me help you get ready for the big game with Costco.

Update your viewing area.
If you're interested in a new TV Costco is a great place to get one. Costco may not have the biggest selection but they stock the best of the best so you don't need to waste your precious time comparing dozens of similar TVs to one another. All TVs you buy from Costco fall under their 90-day electronics refund policy and automatically have 2-year warranties because Costco adds one additional year onto the standard 1-year manufacturer's warranty. If you purchase your new TV from Costco with your Costco Anywhere Citi Visa card you get another two years of warranty coverage for a total of a 4-year warranty. If you don't have a Costco Anywhere Citi Visa card or if you want even more warranty protection you can purchase an additional 3-year warranty from Square Trade. The Square Trade extended warranty prices range from $29.99 - $89.99 based on the price of the TV you purchase. Click here for more details on the extended warranties and Costco's Concierge Services technical support.

Here are a few of the 55" - 75" Samsung and Vizio TVs I spotted on a recent visit to Costco. Costco does carry smaller TVs as well, but I figure for the big game you either go big or go home :)

Hearing the game is just as important as seeing it. Each of these soundbars comes with a wireless subwoofer too.

When it comes to your viewing area, don't just think about what you will be watching - take into account where you will be watching from. Is your sofa saggy? Have your chairs and recliners seen better days? If so, Costco still has furniture in the warehouses that you can pick up this week to bring new life into your family room, den, man cave or home theatre room. Here are few of the different chairs & sofas I have come across in the warehouses.

Work up an appetite before the game.
Pick up this Wilson NFL Pro Replica Football ($4 off through Sunday!), and if you're not snowed in or rained in on Super Bowl Sunday play a little football in the yard or just toss the ball around to get a some exercise and work up an appetite before the game starts.

Load up on Finger Foods.
Super Bowl parties are all about viewing and mingling so who has time to sit down to a formal meal or even bother with cutlery? I like to keep things easy for the host and convenient for the guests by serving a nice variety of finger foods.

My go to munchies for casual get togethers are cheese & crackers, chips & dips, and an assortment of fresh cut vegetables & fruit.

This Cello Cracker Cut Variety pack comes with four different kinds of cheese precut on a tray that you can use as a serving platter.

Vegetable Platter with dressing dip.

Fresh Cut Fruit Bowl.

The Keebler Entertainment Crackers pack includes five different varieties of crackers, or you can go with everyones favorite Ritz crackers.

What kind of Super Bowl party would it be if you didn't serve Doritos!?

Its not a get together at all at our house unless there is tortilla chips, salsa & guac (which there always is lol). I get the Kirkland Signature Organic Tortilla chips, Wholly Guacamole, Rojo's 6-Layer Black Bean Dip and Salsa. This year I will be trying a this new salsa I just found, Garden Fresh Organic Restaurant Style Salsa.

Costco has chips to everyones liking:

Tostitos Scoops and Utz Original Potato Chips

Fritos Scoops Corn Chips

Crunchy Cheetos

Krinkle Cut Kirkland Signature Kettle Cooked Chips

Cheese-It Classic Snack Mix

You can also never go wrong with a bowl of Kirkland Signature Trail Mix.

For "entrees" I like to go with some combination of wings, ribs, meatballs, mini sandwiches and sliders. Costco has a variety of wings you can choose from depending on what flavor you prefer and what level of cooking you want to undertake.

Mesquite Wings hot & ready tray from the deli (look near the rotisserie chickens) or a Mesquite Wings platter that just has to be heated up.

Frozen Buffalo Style Wings that just have to be heated up.

And Pre-Seasoned Garlic & Pepper wings that have to be cooked thoroughly. Costco also has Ribs. Buy your own rib meat and season with your favorite recipe or pick up pre-seasoned Dru Rub St. Louis Style Ribs ready for the grill or oven.

If you are looking for quick & easy ribs you can get BBQ glazed ribs hot & ready from the deli (also near the rotisserie chickens).

You can find pre-cooked, heat & eat style meatballs at Costco like this 3-flavoe variety pack from Aidells, or you can buy Kirkland Signature Frozen Italian Style Meatballs and cook them up in your slow cooker with your favorite recipe or sauce. I like to serve meatballs individually with toothpicks, or 2-3 at a time on small rolls or mini buns as sliders.

Have you tried Kirkland Signature Smoked Pulled Pork? It's delicious and because it's already fully cooked all you have to do is heat & serve. I plan on making it this year and serving it on Kings Hawaiian Sweet Rolls as pulled pork sliders.

For less messy finger foods try Mozzarella Sticks, Cocktail Franks, Egg Rolls, or Taquitos.

If you don't feel like cooking at all grab some Roasted Chicken & Swiss Roll Ups and a Roast Beef & Italian Style Sandwich Tray.

If you're feeling fancy why not serve a delicious Shrimp Cocktail platter which is available in two sizes.

If you're throwing a big party you can pre-order large deli party platters - just be sure to give your warehouse a minimum of 24-hours notice. All warehouses should have the Roll Ups, Shrimp Cocktail, Meat & Cheese and Croissant Sandwich platters, and some Costcos have Sushi platters!

And for the ultimate zero prep meal you can never go wrong by ordering pizzas from the Costco food courts!

Satisfy everyones sweet tooth with almost as good as homemade Kirkland Signature Cookies from the Costco bakery. Variety packs of Double Nut, Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chunk Cookies come in two sizes.

Ice cream, while delicious is not exactly a finger food, that is unless you put it between two cookies and make your own ice cream sandwiches which is exactly what I will be serving for dessert this year!

Three years ago Costco bakeries did Super Bowl themed cupcakes with each teams colors, but I haven't seen any of those this year. I asked two different bakeries and they both said no they would not be doing Super Bowl cupcakes this year. Bummer :(

Fill your Fridge with Beverages
Hopefully you live in one of the wonderful states where you can purchase beer, wine and liquor at your Costco. Beer is the adult beverage of choice I like serve at our Super Bowl get togethers and Costco always has a great variety. Here are some of the selections I found in the DC area:

Flying Dog Variety Pack

O'Hara's Irish craft Variety Pack


Dogfish Head IPA

Corona Extra & Corona Light

Michelob Ultra and Stella Artois

Blue Moon Belgian Ale

Samuel Adams Brewnited Variety Pack and Yuengling Lager

Bud Light and Budweiser

Miller Lite and Coors Light


Victory Brewing Variety Pack

I always have bottled water and sparkling water on hand, but for parties I will pick up soft drinks as another non-alcoholic beverage option and I load up on juice boxes if I know there will be kiddos attending. Coca-Cola made in Mexico (see above) is my fave because I love the glass bottles and this Coke is sweetened with pure cane sugar instead of hight fructose corn syrup.

Classic Coke & Diet Coke 35-pack cases

Coke Zero & Sprite 35-pack cases

Pepsi & Diet Pepsi 36-pack cases

Dr Pepper & Diet Dr. Pepper 36-pack cases

My favorite kid friendly beverages are Kirkland Signature of course! Organic Chocolate Milk and 100% Organic Juice.

Remember, paper & plastic are your friends.
Do yourself a favor and pick up some paper plates so no one gets stuck in the kitchen doing dishes during halftime or late Sunday evening after the game. (While they may not be the best thing for the environment I fully support using disposable paper plates for occasional casual get to gathers like Super Bowl Parties because the are just so convenient.)

The majority of the time we use cloth napkins at our house, but to avoid having to wash an entire load of dirty napkins I opt for Kirkland Signature Casual Dining Paper Napkins for our large casual get togethers.

Double check to make sure you are stocked up on trash bags too, like Kirkland Signature 13 gallon white Kitchen Bags or Kirkland Signature 33 gallon black Drawstring Bags for trash and Kirkland Signature 33 gallon Clear Trash Bags for Recycling.

Kirkland Signature Disinfecting Wipes make cleaning up crumbs, spills and sticky dribbles a breeze.

And lastly, for a party thats primarily centered around sitting on your bum watching television and grazing on less than healthy foods for hours,  plan for possible tummy aches by having some over the counter remedies within reach just in case.

Like Kirkland Signature Antacids, Alka Selter and Pepto-Bismol

I hope everyone has a great Super Bowl Sunday cheering on their team!

Until next time,
the Costco Connoisseur


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