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My Costco Travels: Frederick Maryland

A quick search using the warehouse locator in the Costco app shows that there are over a dozen different Costco warehouses in the greater DC metro area. I have been to nearly all of them but I rarely post about them because to me they are just part of my normal Costco rotation. But in keeping with my new "My Costco Travels" series I am going to try to post a little something about every warehouse I visit, even if it's not a "new to me warehouse" because its probably new to many of you :) 

Last weekend I ventured out to western Maryland to the Frederick Costco. The Frederick warehouse opened in late 2001 and has everything you'd expect to find at a Costco except they don't sell any alcohol, not even beer and wine thanks to archaic MD state laws.

Almost all of my athletic apparel is from Costco, whether it's a name brand item from Nike or Underarmour or Kirkland Signature, I've rarely been disappointed with my purchases. I picked up two of these Mondetta Ladies Full Zip Jackets w/ hood (item #1075018, $19.99) at the Frederick warehouse and I LOVE them! The jacket has a fitted shape, long sleeves with thumb holes at the cuff and an overall longer length that I'm crazy about. And it comes in four colors: a white/light grey, a black/dark grey, and blue/black and a purple/black. My blue & purple photos didn't come out well so I also copied some images from where this item is also available with free shipping. The purple and blue are not that bright in real life and it does run large so I recommend buying down a size.

How beautiful are these yellow Vintage Mums (item #250752, $10.99)!?

Versatile items that can be worn more than one way are awesome, like this Campion Lightweight Snap Scarf (item #1087414, $12.99). It snaps together and can be worn three different ways: as an infinity scarf, a drape or as a shrug. Made of Nylon & Spandex, the material is stretchy & soft. The scarf comes in three colors: Turquoise Green, Black and Pink. This item is also available on with free shipping.

I feel like you can never have too many basic layering pieces like this Felina Ladies Camisole 3-pack (item #1074554, $12.99). Made of Cotton, Modal and Spandex these basic tanks are soft and smooth. Available in two different color packs white, black & dark gray or navy blue, fuchsia, & light gray. This item is also available on with free shipping.

These Kirkland Signature Active Leggings (item #7987655, $16.99) are my favorite KS leggings yet. The full length wicking fabric hugs your legs without being too tight and most importantly they stay put - no pulling or tugging needed to keep these babies in place. The mid-rise waistband stays flat and has a hidden pocket and there is even an inner draw string to adjust the fit. Available in four different colors, blue dot, purple mercury, and two different black prints: charcoal heather marble and black fracture embossed. (I bought the two black prints.) These leggings are also available on with free shipping and plus sizes are available online only.

There is a Kirkland Signature Ladies Active Jacket (item #7987654, $29.99) that matches the leggings. It comes in four colors: blue, purple, black and gray. The long sleeves have a thumb hole at the cuff, there is a hidden hood in the back of the collar and my fave feature: the pockets have zippers. This item is also available on with free shipping and also in plus sizes.

The Fitbit Charge 2 is one of the highest rated fitness trackers according to Consumer Reports. My old Fitbit didn't have a heart rate monitor so when I saw Costco had the Charge 2 with a $20 off instant manufactures rebate I decided it was time to upgrade. The Fitbit Charge 2 bundle (item #1110234, $129.99) at Costco includes an extra wrist band, chose size small or large. I've been wearing my new fitbit for just over a week and I totally dig it!

Costco also has Fitbit Blaze bundle (item #1070528, $199.99).

And a Fitbit Alta bundle (item #1060231, $128.99).

T3 hair dryers are the BEST! This T3 Micro Featherweight 2 Hair Dryer with Tourmaline (item #978242, $89.99) at Costco is 55% LESS than the retail price! I have the white one. I don't know if it actual dries "60% faster" than my old hair dryer but it definitely dries my hair faster.  And for such a large hair dryer it is lightweight so my arms don't give out while drying my long hair. I highly recommend this hair dryer. Its also available on (in the black color only) with $4.99 shipping & handling.

I spotted the iconic Chi Original 1" Ceramic Flat Iron (item #1022917) marked down to an incredible $39.97which is 60% off the retail price. I bought mine years ago and it still works like new.

Did you know Costco has its own line of wine glasses!? I did not and was thrilled to discover this Kirkland Signature 8-piece All Purpose Wine Glasses (item #1040005, $17.99). These break resistant, lead-free crystal glasses hold 25 oz, are dishwasher safe and were made in Germany by the renowned German company Riedel Glassworks. At just $2.25 per glass these are a steal. If you are a Riedel fan, and want lead crystal glasses Costco sells an 8-pack of Riedel Vinum Cabernet Wine glasses on for $119.99. (Had I not already purchases a zillion wine & champagne classes at a Costco business center two summers ago I would have totally been all over these...)

Speaking of crystal, check out these beautiful Waterford pieces. This 10" Waterford Normandy Crystal Vase (item #1112222) is just $69.99 - thats 58% LESS than the price Nieman Marcus sells the same vase for.

This Waterford 10" Cassidy Bowl (item #5559999) is $69.99 - which is 69% LESS than the Bloomingdales sale price!

And this pair of Illuminology by Waterford Crystal Candlesticks (item #1114444) is only $49.99.

Radar detectors are illegal in Washington DC and Virginia so I rarely see these - but if you live anywhere else you might be able to get your hands on this Escort Passport Long Range Radar & Laser Beam Detector (item #1054421, $249.99).

Costco also sells dash cams. This Cobra Drive HD Dash Camera (item #1088622, $118.99) with 1080p HD wide angle view comes with an 8GB SD card, HDMI cord and mount.

The Frederick Costco had some cool exercise equipment like this, Cap Deluxe Utility Bench (item #1082183, $89.99).

And this Cap 200 lb Dumbbell Set with Rack (item #783500, $189.99).

Frederick also had a great selection of winter gear. I picked up a Subzero Polar Vortex Snow Brush & Ice Scraper (item #1080286) for $14.99. It's actually two pieces, you get the longer brush/scraper with the pivoting head and telescoping handle that extends to 50", and you get a smaller handheld ice scraper. Both have thick foam handles for an easy grip.

I picked up two pairs of these Brekka Down Ski Mittens (item #1074285, marked down to $19.97), one pair for me and one pair for mom. They are SO WARM!

I also got a Bula Convertible 4-in-1 Balaclava (item #1050983, marked down to $6.97) for my mom so she can run in the wee hours of the morning without her face freezing off.

I've never been snowshoeing but this Yukon Charlie Mountain Profile Snowshoe Kit (item #1061932, $69.99) looks pretty cool. It includes a gear back pack, telescoping poles and aluminum framed snowshoes.

Bolle Youth Ski Helmets (item #1061443) were marked down to $19.97.

Bolle Youth Ski Goggles (item #1061447) were marked down to $14.97.

And there were a few Bolle Adult Ski Goggles (item #1061444) left, marked down to $19.97.

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you know how much I love the Kirkland Signature Beef Chili with Beans (item #39508, $12.99 for approx 4lb contianer), an item that is readily available at Costcos throughout the Northwest Region but not something I have seen on the East Coast. Until now that is; I was ecstatic to discover it for the first time on the East Coast at the Frederick warehouse. If you come across it at your Costco you have to try it, it's SO good. One of the deli workers told me they are bringing the chili to the food court too!

Does your Costco have mobile hand washing stations?? I saw a few of these scattered throughout the deli and freezer section. And after sampling a delicious pot sticker and having the dipping sauce drip down my hand I was thankful for these little sinks.

It's not quite February yet but Costco has already brought back these Heart shaped Cheese Raviolis! Nuovo Pasta Four Cheese Heart Ravioli (item #383254) is $9.79 for 2 lbs.

I love how the Frederick Costco has a dedicated refrigerated case for Kosher foods!

Yum! Starbucks Cookie Straws (item #1112677, $9.6).

I sampled these GoGo Squeeze Organic Applesauces (item #887790)  and they were really good, but after getting them home and comparing them to my Kirkland Signature Organic Apple Sauce (item #897971) I felt a little cheated. Kirkland Signature Organic Apple Sauce is made from two ingredients: organic apples and ascorbic acid (to protect color). But a quick review of the ingredients of the GoGo Squeeze Apple Sauce showed that they contain purees and juice concentrates. I like that GoGo Squeeze uses lemon juice instead of ascorbic acid, but I don't like that all the juice & puree adds 33% more sugar compared to the KS organic apple sauce. I'm also not a fan of the "Apple Strawberry" flavor containing banana and black currant.

D you have a water softener in your house? You can get a 50lb bag of Morton Water Softener Pellets (item #48892) for only $5.99 at Costco.

Or a 40lb bag of Morton Rust Remover Super Pellets (item #200049) for only $4.99.

Is it just me or do we all wear more shoes in the winter months? With all the snow boots, Ugg boots, rain boots, tall boots, short boots, mud boots, work boots etc. this Organize It All 3-tier Metal Show Rack with Storage Bin (item #707812, $36.99) is sure to keep your mudroom or family entrance neat and tidy. The storage bins would be great to hold hats, mittens and gloves.

I really like this Manor House LED Coach Light (item #1015194, $28.99) with a dusk to dawn sensor.

January always bring a smorgasbord of furniture to Costco and I've been trying to avoid all the furniture aisles until we get the remodel finished but I have fallen in love with this 72" Whalen Industrial Metal & Wood Workbench (item # 707636, $299.99). Its supposed to be a workbench for a garage or workshop but I think it is way too nice for that. The solid rubberwood top and full extension drawers contrast so well with the industrial black metal, and along with the heavy duty casters give the whole piece a real steampunk vibe to me. I REALLY want this!! I think I could easily put it in the new dining room as a sideboard or server or you could use it for almost anything, a desk, a console underneath a TV or a table in your laundry room. I might actually have to borrow the hits truck and go back to pick this up... (This item is also available on, but with a steep $149.99 shipping & handling fee).

The Frederick Costco also has self checkout lanes.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,
the Costco Connoisseur


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