Friday, November 18, 2016

Costco Holiday 2016: AmericanGirl Dolls, Books and Accessories are back!

The holiday toys have already been in Costco Warehouses for weeks, but now that we are just one week away from Thanksgiving I feel like I can finally talk about toys without cringing.

Instead of trying to cover ALL of the amazing deals on toys that a Costco has, I've decided to compartmentalize them into subcategories and have several shorter posts instead of one massively long post. The first up in this series of 2016 Holiday Toys are AmericanGirl dolls, books, accessories, play sets, and crafting kits that are available at Costco Warehouses and

If you are not familiar with AmericanGirl Dolls see my post from last year and then explore Then read on to see the AmericanGirl items Costco is carrying this year at incredible savings.

The AmericanGirl 18" Samantha Parkington Doll Set, from the historical BeForever collection, comes with 1 book, 1 pink polkadot dress, 1 red party dress and 1 white fancy coat. Purchasing these items separately on will set you back approximately $183, but this special set available at Costco costs 34% LESS!

The AmericanGirl Bitty Baby Set is available in several different skin, eye and hair color combinations and is made up of 12-pieces including the doll. This Costco bundle costs 38% LESS than if you were to purchase a Bitty Baby Doll and the similar "Bringing Home Bitty Collection" of accessories from for $160.

The AmericanGirl Horse & Saddle Set, which includes the horse, saddle, bridle, and blanket, is priced 33% LESS at Costco, PLUS you get three bonus accessories: an apple, a brush and carrots!

The AmericanGirl Sleepover Set (for 18" AmericanGirl Dolls) includes a pajama top & shorts outfit, slippers, sleeping bag and matching pillow, popcorn bowl, 2 faux drinks, mini magazine, mini book and min board game. To buy similar items from you would pay over $80, but this special Costco bundle costs 50% LESS!

Each AmericanGirl BeForever Mini Doll and Book Set includes 3 books, 1 mini doll with stand and 1 exclusive bookmark. This special Costco bundle costs 40% LESS than the retail price of purchasing the mini doll, books and stand separately from Each BeForever AmericanGirl is from a specific historical time period.

Melody is a talented singer growing up in a musical family in 1964.

Rebecca is a confident and inspiring Jewish girl growing up in 1914.

Josephina is a caring and hopeful Mexican girl growing up in 1824.

Kit is a resourceful tomboy growing up in 1934.

Maryellen is an inventive and ambitious girl growing up in 1954.

Julie is a spiritied and athletic girl growing up in 1974.

Samantha is a bight and compassionate girl being raised by her grandmother in 1904.

The AmericanGirl Activity Book and Plush Pet Sets each include 1 plush pet, 1 book, 1 pet-house craft, 1 pet toy, 2 treat bowls, 1 placemat and stickers. This Costco bundle costs 44% LESS than the retail cost!

The AmericanGirl Isabelle's Ballet Recital Set by Mega Bloks costs 28% LESS at Costco!
This item is also available on

The AmericanGirl 8-in-1 Fashion Accessory Super Activity Set costs approximately 65% LESS at Costco compared to what it would cost to purchase each of these craft sets individually. This item is also available on

Costco also carries an assortment of AmericanGirl craft kits, each $24.99.

The Doll Pets Kit lets you create and display your own pet spa.

The Doll Boutique Kit lets you create and display your own doll boutique.

The Doll School Kit lets you create school crafts for your AmericanGirl Doll.

The Lea Clark 2016 Girl of the Year Kit lets you make crafts inspired by travel adventures.

The AmericanGirl Ultimate Visual Guide expanded edition is 40% LESS than the cover price at Costco! This hardback book all about the AmericanGirl story is also available on for $19.99. 

The AmericanGirl Ultimate Sticker Collection is 38% LESS than the cover price at Costco!

And last but not least, if you can't chose, or if you want to let the gift receipiant chose, you can always pick up AmericanGirl Gift Cards at Costco. Save 20% and get TWO $50 gift cards, or FOUR $25 gift cards for only $79.99! Check the gift card area or toy section of your Costco Warehouse.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more 2016 Costco Holiday Toy Highlights featuring Lego, Star Wars, Super Heroes and more!

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P.S. - Selections and prices listed above will vary from different Costco locations.

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