Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Tale of Two Sweaters: Costco vs. Nordstrom

Last weekend my friend Christyna brought to my attention that there is an asymmetrical fleece wrap on that looks identical to an asymmetrical fleece wrap on
Screen shots from the Nordstrom app (left) and the Costco app (right).

Christyna and I both already own several of the wraps from Nordstrom that we adore, but the possibility of finding an identical wrap for 60% off the retail price had us jumping for joy. Intrigued at the possibility, I immediately purchased one from Costco and one from Nordstrom in similar colors to do a side by side comparison. Below are my findings.

The Differences
The Nordstrom "sweater" is made by a brand called Bobeau and the regular price is $58.00.
The Costco "sweater" is made by a brand called Joseph A. and the regular price is $22.99.
The Nordstrom one is made in Mexico while the Costco one is made in China.

The color of the Nordstrom one is called "Heather Dark Storm" while the color of the Costco one is called "Blue Heather."
Both colors are nearly identical but upon close inspection the color of the Bobeau wrap from Nordstrom is slightly more uniform than the Joseph A. wrap from Costco.

According to my measurements the Nordstrom wrap is 28.5" long down the back while the Costco wrap is 30" long down the back.

The Bobeau wrap from Nordstrom is made from a single piece of cloth plus additional for the arms, while the Joseph A. from Costco is sewn together from three pieces of cloth plus additional for the arms.

The stitching on both garments appear quite similar however upon closer inspection the bottom hem is slightly larger on the Bobeau wrap from Nordstrom, but the stitching is tighter on the Joseph A. wrap from Costco.

The hems on the Joseph A. from Costco all lay flat, but some of the hems on the Bobeau from Nordstrom roll up.

The Nordstrom wrap is available in petite, regular, and plus sizes however, the plus size costs an additional $10.
The Costco wrap comes in sizes small through 3X and plus sizes cost the same.
The Bobeau wrap on comes in 13 different colors plus stripped and ribbed versions.
The Joseph A. wrap on is only available in 4 "heathered" colors (Black Heather, Purple Heather, Blue Heather and Olive Heather).

The Similarities
Both "sweaters" are asymmetrical, one-button, fleece lined wraps.
Both are made of a heathered fabric and are a grayish blue color.
Both have a single, large wooden button.
Both are comprised of 63% polyester, 33% rayon and 4% spandex.
Both tags indicate they should be washed in cold water and to use a cool iron as/if needed.
Both have super soft, brushed fleece on the inside.

And the buttons are identical.

The Verdict
While it appears the differences listed above out weigh the similarities, the fact is both sweaters fit exactly the same, both have the exact same softness & subtle stretchiness to them, and both wraps look great worn buttoned or left open. 
Screen shots from the Nordstrom app (left) and the Costco app (right).

Screen shots from the Nordstrom app (left) and the Costco app (right).

Screen shots from the Nordstrom app.

The Bobeau wrap from Nordstrom may be marked down to $39.90, but now through 24 Dec the Joseph A. wrap at Costco is $4 off so you'll only pay $18.99, that makes the Joseph A. 52% CHEAPER than the Bobeau!

In my opinion the slight variations in color and stitching are not enough to justify paying the premium Nordstrom price. If you're looking for a cozy, modern and flattering open cardigan, I highly recommend the Joseph A. One-Button Fleece Wrap Cardigan from Costco.

If you get one, leave me a comment to let me know what you think!

Until next time,
the Costco Connoisseur


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