Sunday, November 15, 2015

Save on American Girl at Costco!

American Girl dolls were created by former educator and reporter Pleasant Rowland, and were first released in 1986 under the the company she founded, Pleasant CompanyInspired by her love of history the original doll characters were each designed in a specific time period and included their own series of books, outfits & accessories and even doll furniture that aimed to teach girls about American history through the perspective of each doll. Kirsten - a Swedish immigrant living in 1854 America, Samantha - an orphan growing up in 1904 New York, and Molly - a girl growing up during World War II in 1944, made up the original three dolls. Over the years additional historical dolls were added including a Native American girl (Kaya from 1764), a Mexican girl (Josefina from 1824), and two African American girls (Addy from 1864, and Cecile from 1854). In 1995 Pleasant Company expanded the doll line to include more contemporary dolls, including the Girl of Today line (now called Truly Me) that consists of dozens of different dolls with different combinations of hair color & texture, different eye colors, and different skin tones so girls can choose a doll that looks most similar to themselves.  In 1998 Pleasant Company was sold and became a subsidiary of Mattel. American Girl dolls are marketed for girls aged 8-12 while the Bitty Baby line of infant baby dolls are designed for younger children (age 3 and up). Bitty Baby dolls are slightly smaller and cost less than the pricer American Girl Dolls.

The much beloved and acclaimed American Girl dolls have been enchanting young girls* for nearly 3 decades, but they have often been criticized for being too expensive with a single doll now costing $115+ and additional doll outfits costing a staggering $24-$42 each. But now, through Costco you can scoop up a historical doll (now dubbed BeForever dolls), gift cards and various American Girl play sets for 20%-30% OFF the retail price!

*including me! As a young girl my grandmother bestowed upon me Samantha, Molly & Kirsten, their book sets, and of course outfits that matched my dolls clothes that I adored. My dolls and their books still reside in my room at my parents house, (albeit apparently all in need of a good dusting and Kirsten in need of some assistance standing up , lol). 

Anyway, at Costco, for only $99.99, you get the 18" BeForever American Girl Caroline Abbott doll from 1812 (item #1011441). Caroline comes dressed in her classic pink empire-waist dress with matching shoes. Also included is her Captain of the Ship paperback book AND as a bonus you get Carolines ice-blue party gown with matching accessories! The Costco price represents approximately a 30% savings off the retail price of the doll with her book and an extra outfit. 

For younger girls, the American Girl Bitty Baby Doll set (item #945090) comes with a 15" Bitty Baby, several mix & match outfits, a toy baby bottle, a toy rattle and the included satin suitcase keeps everything together. At just $99.99 the Costco price represents an approximate savings off more than 30% off the retail price for the doll and multiple outfits & accessories. 

Avid readers will love the American Girl BeForever Mini Doll & Book Set (item #915614). Each set includes a 6" mini historical doll with stand, 3 full length books and an exclusive bookmark. Choose from Josefina (1824), Addy (1864), Samantha (1904), Rebecca (1914), Kit (1934) or Julie (1974). Each set is just $39.99.

Costco also carries a selection of American Girl craft and activity kits! The American Girl Pet-House Sets (item #915596) each come with a plush posable pet, a friends forever mini book, a build-a-pet-house craft, and pet accessories! Choose from Terrier, Pomeranian, Cocker Spaniel and Sheepdog. Each set is only $29.99.

The American Girl Read & Create craft kits (item #1008804) include a 30+ page idea book and accessories. Choose from Doll Pets to create a pet spa, Art Studio to create mini art work, Grace's Baking kit, and Doll Boutique.  Each kit is $24.99.

You can also choose from three different American Girl activity kits: Doll Tees Felt Fashion, Doll Hair Salon, and Doll School. Each kit is only $9.49. 

And of course Costco saves you 20% off the retail price with 4-packs of $25 American Girl gift cards (item # 995166, for a total value $100) for only $79.99!

Remember, selections vary by warehouse! If you don't see an item you want at your local warehouse ask an employee to look up the item number for you and you may be able to find what you are looking for at another nearby Costco warehouse.

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P.S. - Selections and prices listed above will vary from different Costco locations.

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  1. Do costcos still sell Caroline doll, or are they all gone by now?
    I wanted to get this for my niece for Christmas, but it's sold out on American Girl site!!
    I didn't follow American Girl enough to know it was being sold at Costco!!!
    Please please have it somewhere in California!!

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment! If you take the item # (1011441) for the Caroline Doll and ask an employee at Costco they can look up and tell u if there are any warehouses near you that still have that item in stock. (Try asking someone at the Membership desk where they have immediate access to computers to look it up.) Good luck!