Saturday, November 7, 2015

Get your Flu Shot at Costco!

Flu Season is upon us here in the US - have you gotten your flu shot yet?

The CDC recommends that everyone 6-months of age and older get vaccinated against the influenza virus. Getting a flu shot isn't just about protecting yourself, it's also about helping to protect others from the flu as well. The flu shot provides a direct form of protection from the flu virus but people with egg allergies, compromised immune systems and babies under 6-months old cannot receive the flu shot, and instead must rely on herd immunity for indirect protection.  Herd immunity occurs when a majority of the population gets vaccinated against a contagious disease thus lowering the probability that an unvaccinated person will come in contact with an infectious person. 

Pharmacist at your Costco Pharmacy can administer the flu shot with no appointments necessary. Just walk in, fill out an immunization consent form and pay the $14.99 fee. Remember to bring your insurance card too because Costco accepts all major forms of insurance and many insurance companies cover immunizations given at pharmacies so you might end up paying nothing!

Costco Pharmacies also provide other immunizations as well:
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
and more!

Visit your local Costco Pharmacy for a complete list of available immunizations.

For more information about the flu, including flu symptoms visit the CDC website.

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