Monday, March 9, 2015

Book your next Rental Car through Costco Travel!

Planning a vacation? Or have an upcoming work trip? If you need a rental car for any reason book through and you can save up to 50% off!!

Costco Travel service is free to all members and easy to use. Create a login on or call 1-866-921-7925 to speak directly with one of their travel experts. Costco has negotiated with Alamo, Avis, Budget and Enterprise to provide special low rates exclusively for Costco members.

Based on the search criteria you enter, Costco Travel will show you which companies you can book a vehicle through to get the best deal. Choose your pick up & drop off location, select the date & time you want to get your vehicle, confirm the drivers age and Costco Travel will show you which company they can get you the best rate (shown in red) for the size vehicle you want.

To illustrate the savings I compared prices to rent a vehicle for a 2 week period starting on 1 April 2015 and ending on 15 April 2015. I chose 12pm at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) as the pick up & drop off time and location. The savings ranged between 23%-50% cheaper than booking directly through a rental car company!

The Costco Travel price to rent an economy car through Avis for the 2 week period came to a total of $579. I went to and typed in the same search criteria and the price was $1,000, by booking through Costco Travel you would save 42%!

The Costco Travel price to rent a compact car through Avis for the 2 week period came to a total of $542. On the same search returned a price of $1,084 which means booking through Costco Travel would save you 50%!!

The Costco Travel price to rent an intermediate car through Avis for the 2 week period came to a total of $549 while on the same size car would cost you $1,098 which is 50% MORE than booking through Costco Travel!

The Costco Travel price to rent a standard size car through Avis for the 2 week period came to a total of $556 while the price for the same car would cost $1,126 which makes the Costco Travel price 50% cheaper!

The price of a full size car rented from Avis through Costco Travel for the 2 week period came to $634 while the price directly through for a full size car came to $1,154 which is 45% MORE than the price to book the same vehicle through Costco Travel!

As indicated in the price shown in red on the screen shot from the Costco Travel website (see first photo), Enterprise had the best price to rent a premium car which was $1,114 through Costco Travel versus $1,444 if you were to rent directly through Enterprise. In this example Costco Travel saves you 23%!

And lastly, as indicated in the price shown in red on the screen shot from the Costco Travel website (see first photo), Budget had the best price through Costco Travel on an intermediate SUV at $656 for the two week period which saves you 40% off the regular price of $1,096 if you were to rent directly from

As you can see Costco Travel can save you a boat load of money when it comes to getting a rental car but at this time Costco Travel is only available to Costco members residing in the United States and rental cars are limited to US cities and airports in the US and Canada.

Costco Travel isn't just about rental cars, you can also book cruises and full vacation packages too, but getting into those will have to wait for another post ;)

I'm in Southern California for several weeks so stay tuned for posts featuring the LA and San Diego Regions starting with my next post all about Costco Business Centers.

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Until next time,
the Costco Connoisseur


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