Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow Day in DC means Brunch, Star Wars & Fun with Costco Bears!

The D.C. metro area does not do well when snow falls and we become particularly incapacitated when it happens to snow hard and fast during rush hour on a school day. We have a unique combination of too many vehicles on the road, not enough underground public transportation and a lot of out of state drivers who aren't familiar with the routine to begin with. But when you add snow on top of that already volatile mix the whole area pretty much collapses under all the pressure. (Also, it doesn't help the situation when we get more snow than what was originally forecasted, but hey until we perfect time travel what are you going to do? The meteorologists do the best they can.)

Anyway so although I was successful in making it down our very long driveway this morning several accidents made the roads from my house impassible so I ended up calling it and just taking a snow day. Now some of you who live in the area may work for the government and have the option to telework (i.e. work from home) but I, unfortunately, do not have that luxury so, unable to work even from home, I decided to have fun instead :)

First I made a wonderful brunch; staring of course several wonderful Costco products!

While thick slices of Farmers Applewood Smoked Center Cut Bacon cooked in the oven, (yes I have discovered cooking bacon in the oven and it has changed my life), I made blueberry pancakes with Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes Flapjack & Waffle Mix and KS Whole Frozen Blueberries. As the pancakes cooked I chopped up some fresh fruit, then while the KS Maple Syrup warmed in the microwave I quickly scrambled a few KS Organic Eggs. Throw in a mimosa and a cappuccino and before you know it I had a gourmet brunch on my hands.

Oh did I forget to mention I have Star Wars pancake molds? They add a little whimsy to the meal don't you think? (And it wasn't all about the Dark Side, I had Yoda too.)

Never one to pass up a good photo opportunity with my Costco Bears, I'll admit I did play with my food a little before I sat down to eat... 

That's Glenn Bearnie (aka the little 53" bear). I tried to take a picture of my big bear but I couldn't get him and brunch in the same frame LOL.

After enjoying my over the top brunch I cleaned up the kitchen and headed outside to shovel the front walk. Before the sun completely set and in what proved to be even more of a workout than shoveling snow, I dragged both of my Costco Bears outside for a little more photo fun...

That's Jebeardiah Springfield (aka the big 93" bear) with the shovel. Moving him around is a feat in and of itself but moving him without dragging his arms or legs through the snow was near impossible LOL! For a little perspective here are both Costco bears together making snow angels.

I hope you enjoyed my Costco inspired snow day shenanigans!

Until next time,
the Costco Connoisseur


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